Asia Photoshooting

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„Let's have a great time and create the hottest photos or videos
of your life! 

Hello, i am artist and photo- videographer,

who enjoys his health and the freedom to do what he enjoys every day and do the following, I make other people happy with my pictures and create positive memories.

From November to March i travel in Asia for Photo Shoots and Video Productions. My passion is photography and videography of erotic women


#Thailand #Bali #Philippinen #Vietnam #Kambodscha #Malaysia #Singapur #Indonesien #Laos

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Shooting reviews

Very professional photographer

I had a shoot with Dirk in January 2023 and am delighted with the images and happy that he edited some of them for me ready to use. I'm already looking forward 🥰 to his next trip to Asia and hope to shoot with him again 😀


Very trusting

Dirk was one of my first photographers and I had no qualms about him. He is great with models and is good at guiding them. I look forward to more shoots with him.


Very professional Photographer

I love the pictures he took of me. It was fun working with him and I can only recommend him. We will meet again on his next tour.

Model & Creator


Asia Photoshooting

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